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Geelong Carer's Connect

NEST Autism and Disability Services is a proud sponsor of Geelong Carers Connect, a volunteer group supporting parents and carers of children with additional needs. To find out more about this group, scheduled events and activities, click on the link below to view their Facebook page:

Below is a short list of connection opportunities through Geelong Carers Connect:

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GCC_Wednesday Walkers
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Tricky Trims

Many children find getting a haircut overwhelming but at Tricky Trims our cool and calm approach has a huge success rating.

Our first step towards a client getting a haircut is to build a trusting relationship between the hairdresser, and the child via goal setting with the parent(s) of the child. The goals can be as simple as a meet and greet and getting them in the door.

Once this is achieved, we move onto the next goal until we complete a full haircut.

As a support worker at Tricky Trims Jess works with children that have specific sensory and anxiety needs.

Additional support options:

  • Social story
  • First & then visuals
  • Movies
  • Sensory tools

Find out more on Tricky Trims Facebook page.