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Group Programs

Cooking Group

The overall objective of NEST Cooking Program is to provide participants with the opportunity to have pleasurable experiences with food, cooking and eating.
Other objectives of the cooking program included:
To practice cooking including following recipes and developing particular skill e.g. kneading dough)
To provide opportunities to try new foods
To provide opportunities for socialising and team work

TEENS Monday 4pm - 6pm *School pick up available *EOI

JUNIORS Wednesday 4pm - 6pm *School pick up available *EOI


Art Group

NEST aim to help your children develop the necessary skills to overcome difficult emotions associated with any kind of change or anxiety while exploring their creativity and imagination through a range of creative materials.

Focusing on sharing, listening and sensory exploration. Building skills in emotional and sensory regulation, self-awareness, communication and building healthy friendships all while creating masterpieces.

Thursday 4pm - 5:30pm *School pick up available *EOI


Teen Girls Group

Providing young girls the opportunity to meet like minded peers in a safe facilitated environment. The group is purposefully casual and representative of typical teen 'hang out'.

NEST will support your teen and use skill development focuses on positive social interactions, problem solving, building self confidence and skills to develop healthy relationships.

This group also provides an opportunity for professional observation of baseline skills and individual goal setting.

Saturday - Time TBC *EOI


Social Girls

Exploring the digital world, creating our very own YouTube video. Our participants will gain knowledge about the steps they need to take to begin their YouTube journey.

The will also be given content creation ideas for YouTube and then brainstorm with one another content ideas. In this class, young learners will also be answering questions. Learners will view slides and video clips. Most importantly, students will learn about safety options they can utilise on their YouTube platforms.

We will also be learning about online safety and responsible viewing.

Tuesday 4pm - 6pm *School pick up available *Waitlist at capacity

School Holidays

We launched our very first School Holiday Program in December 2021.

NEST offer School Holiday Programs throughout the year. The programs are offered  in blocks of 5-6 hours giving the Parents/Carers the opportunity for a well-earned rest or catch up time. The children enjoy the opportunity to interact with their peers, and laugh and play. We encourage every child to participate in activities, although they do have the option not to. We try to accommodate the needs of a variety of disabilities and conditions, catering to all children, and are not limited to a diagnosis of autism.


Activities may include (but are not limited to):

Scavenger Hunts, Beach Day, Surfing, URBN Surf, Adventure Park, Live Wire, Strawberry Fields, Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, Arts and Crafts, MOPA Museum, Science Experiments, Werribee Zoo, Luna Park Movement and Dance, Board Games and much more!

We would love to hear any suggestions or feedback in regards to our School Holiday Program. Our programs team do hope to have a Junior and Teen program in the near future. For more information please email: programs@nestautismservices.com.au or phone: 0417 806 253.

2022 Program Planner

Program Pricing

5 weeks Group Activity (Centre)

1:2 after 4pm $37.37 x 2 hours = $373.70

5 weeks Group Activity (centre)

1:3 after 4pm $30.28 x 2 hours = $302.80

5 weeks Group Activity (centre)

1:2 after 4pm $37.37 x 1.5 hours = $280.35

5 weeks Group Activity (centre)

1:3 after 4pm $30.28 x 1.5 hours = $227.10

10 weeks Group Activity (centre)

1:3 Saturday $35.28 x 4 hours = $1,411.20

If your child has a specific interest that they enjoys please let us know.

Introductory appointments are offered to allow us to meet with you and your child. These appointments enable your child to become familiar with the environment which can ease initial transitions into the program.

To enrol your child please complete a Referral Form, and should you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

All of our programs are run out of: Vines Road Community Centre - 37-61 Vines Road, Hamlyn Heights

Contact us by emailing info@nestautismservices.com.au or call 0417 806 253.