"I highly recommend you to all my friends with kids with special needs and needs extra support as you have made a positive change to me and my family."


"Thank you for all your help, care, love and support with my beautiful girls."


"How wonderful to know you are always all over things!! Thank you, your totally worth your weight in gold and then some!"


"The punching bag is here and working a treat!! Thanks for helping us access this equipment."


"Having Jess (and Nest) as our Support Coordinator has been the best decision we’ve ever made. Jess understands the challenges of having a child with special needs and is great at helping us navigating NDIS. Jess is a an absolute God sent."


"Jess came into our first meeting with every bit of information l wished ld had 3 years ago. She approached it all with love, empathy and care, coming from a place of true understanding having been on her own journey of navigating funding and care with her own child. Jess is a needle in the NDIS haystack l wished l known 4 years ago and l can’t recommend (or thank) her enough."


What is support coordination?

If you have Support Coordination funding in your NDIS plan, you can use this funding to gain support to engage with therapists, services and groups to support your plan goals. The Support Coordinator plays an integral role in the development and achievement of a participant’s goals to maximise opportunities and independence. Our team at NEST Autism & Disability Services, want to see your children become as independent as possible in their home and community.

Your Support Coordinator works closely with participants families and carers to:

  • develop understanding of the NDIS plan
  • identify and choose service providers to help achieve goals
  • connect with and participate in the community
  • develop skills and capacity in self-management of the NDIS support package

What should I look for in a Support Coordinator?

Your Support Coordinator will be working closely with you to secure appropriate supports for the NDIS participant. With this in mind, you may want to consider:

Communication style

Do you prefer to chat on the phone during business hours? Perhaps, email works better for you so you can follow up after hours. For some, Virtual meetings work well, while others require face-to-face meetings. Our Support Coordinators can connect with you in a variety of ways to best suit your needs.


Do you prefer a professional or casual approach? Do you require support to guide your family or more intensive support? Our Support Coordinators pursue regular professional development and value a person-centred approach, offering you the best of both worlds.


Do you prefer to have a Support Coordinator who has lived experience? Or would you prefer to work with someone with general experience? NEST Support Coordinators have both lived and professional experience supporting participants with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our clients appreciate knowing they’re working with providers who genuinely ‘get it’.

You may have considered other traits and skills you’d find valuable. It’s worthwhile discussing your preferences with the NEST Directors to ensure that they find and allocate the most well suited Support Coordinator to you and your family.